Explore Fall with Us!

August 1, 2023

Welcome to Explore Fall!

Get ready to rethink how you enjoy fall.

Let's dive into the free products we offer.

Starting with our pinnacle product, you're going to want to head on over to the Fall Map to check out real-time fall foliage conditions across the United States. Never before has fall foliage been modeled with such high resolution! We don't believe in keeping our maps behind paywalls, so each map is accesible and free for non-commercial use. Peruse conditions in your area, or utilize the 10 day forecast to plan a trip to see fall's splendor!

Wondering how it works? Our patent-pending model considers a host of environmental variables that contribue to fall foliage progression. As summer transitions into fall, the model predicts how colorful the foliage is at more than 18 million locations in the Lower 48, according to how the environment and atmosphere are changing.

Never wonder if you'll miss peak color again!

The fall map can tell you when and where colors will be at their peak, so you don't have to roll the dice on a trip to the mountains. We do not claim 100% accuracy with the model, but we do everything in our power to provide supplemental reports to verify our maps each week.

Interested in archived fall foliage data? We can help with that!

Utilizing archived environmental data, we have run our model for each fall foliage season all the way back to 1981. Visit the Map Archive to access daily maps for each season, and enjoy a host of supplemental maps depicting when the foliage reached its peak, how early/late it was, and much more.

Compare your old fall pictures with our archived maps and let us know how they stack up! The more feedback we receive, the more accurate our model will become.

Of course, we can't forget about the blog.

Each week, we'll publish several blog posts highlighting pertenent fall foliage news from across the United States. Learn tips and tricks for finding the best color, read about which national parks are peaking, and indulge in a never-ending supply of beautiful fall foliage pictures sent in from across the country!

Join us as we discover all that fall has to offer!

To keep up with the latest fall foliage news, be sure to follow us on our social channels, @ExploreFall on Twitter and Instagram, and Explore Fall on Facebook.

We want you to keep us honest. If you see an inaccuracy in the model, let us know so we can advise others and ensure that everyone has their best fall foliage experience. Happy hiking, biking, driving and thriving amongst this year's fantastic foliage display!

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You are welcome to use our maps for free on all platforms with proper attribution. Please ensure that you provide appropriate credit, including a link back to ExploreFall.com. If you are interested in accessing our raw data to create your own maps, kindly inquire below. Similarly, for inquiries about becoming a sponsor or running promoted material on Explore Fall's platforms, please use the same button.
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