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Looking for a fall foliage map of your state? We provide daily-updated maps for every state in the Lower 48, along with information about how you can plan ahead for your fall color trip.

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A Static map depicting fall foliage color in fall 2023

Fall Foliage Map

When is peak fall color, and where can I find it? Look no further than our 2024 Fall Foliage Map! Our daily updates and forecasts can help you plan a weekend trip with the family or simply seek out the best fall color 2024 has to offer.

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A Static map depicting fall foliage color in fall 2023
Fall foliage lining the road into Mount Mitchell State Park, NC

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Keep up with the latest fall color progression on our blog, updated throughout the week! Featuring weekly fall photo submissions and reports from across the country, you don't miss out on this unbe-leaf-able info!

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2023 Fall Foliage Stress Outlook

A map of fall foliage stress in the US for Fall 2023

You may have noticed some trees turning color already. What exactly causes these early colors, and how do they affect color quality later in the season? We answer these questions in this year's Fall Foliage Stress Outlook, as well as highlight areas where fall foliage timing and vibrance is most likely to be abnormal. Learn more about the weather's impact on fall color and why you should always check if trees are stressed before planning your fall trip!

Fall Foliage KMLs for Personal and TV Use

A map of fall foliage stress in the US for Fall 2023

Looking to create your own fall foliage map? Consider signing up for our twice-weekly email blast, distributed from Sep. 1st to Nov. 30th each year, containing the latest fall foliage KML files! Each KML package contains two files: one with the current progression of fall foliage throughout the United States, and another with our seven-day fall foliage forecast.

Find Fall Color with Our 2023 Fall Foliage Map!

A map of fall foliage stress in the US for Fall 2023

Plan a weekend roadtrip, decide which park you want to camp in, or scout locations for a little fall foliage photography... Whatever your inclination, our high-resolution 2023 Fall Foliage Map can help with daily updates and forecasts!

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